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Empowering you to shoot high quality video

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Our mandate is to empower our clients to in turn service theirs. We believe that with modern tools and education, any company can produce video content in-house to a high standard.

In many cases, where speed is the priority over quality, this makes more sense.

The traditional model of putting a brief out to various external video vendors, choosing a proposal, signing contracts and scheduling a mutually convenient shoot works well for high-concept, high-budget productions, but is simply too slow and expensive a process for certain projects.

We exist in the modern era of fast moving PR and investor relations, where companies need to react and send video messages to clients quickly, or even turn out a vast amount of regular content.

There are thousands of free tutorials online, covering every facet of video production. If you have the time, you could theoretically find the handful that are useful for your specific requirements, but with many wasted hours that should otherwise be spent on your business.

We have developed a cohesive syllabus specifically designed for corporate filmmaking: ignoring conventional thinking and teaching only what is effective. We track the latest technological changes and list the equipment which delivers the best results in various budgets. We can even purchase these for you so you can benefit from our supplier discounts.

Our clients become agile content creators, able to produce “hybrid” projects - combining their in-house shots with those produced by professionals. We can offer fast turnaround post-production support, through our consultancy offering.

Bring your stories to life

You may not know where to start with video. We will guide you every step of the way, through a process that begins with a considered discussion of your specific needs and budget.